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        Epoxy floor grinding machine
        Epoxy floor grinding machine is an absorbing one grinding machine grinding. You can edge polished edge vacuuming. Polished concrete can effectively improve the material surface and ground bonding degree, can also be used to improve sanding putty epoxy coating epoxy mortar layer flatness, but also can be used for grinding the old coating small area;
        Epoxy grinding machine features:
        1, can be replaced from the same grinding, supplies can be freely configured (diamond grinding, remove the old epoxy grinding, grinding wheel, sand parchment, etc.)
        2, the main motor and the vacuum motor color with separate switch control, easy to use
        3, flexible, comes with vacuuming. High efficiency, simple operation! The best choice epoxy construction

         Model  GX380
         Main motor power  3. 0KW (Siemens or U.S. Baldor motors)
         Vacuum Motor Power  750W
         Processing area  380MM
         Grinding  3 / pay
         Efficiency  of 2500 sq / 8 hours
         Weight  125KG