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        Quanzhou Sanhe Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of concrete trowel machine, stone grinding machine, floor grinding machine, concrete grinding machine, polishing machine , grinding machine, dust grinding machine , paper equipment and other machinery and related accessories supplies and a variety of ground handling materials ( eg : concrete sealer , epoxy , silicon carbide wear-resistant materials . ) only one person trying to make their own self-confidence and sense of achievement , especially in a business . Vast sea , a thousand boats compete . Confident that we have in this competition and development with the opportunities and challenges of the environment, more confidence ; efforts so that we learn down to earth and tireless pursuit. With these two companies , took hold of the root development . It enables businesses to everyone in the life and work shines with humanity, wisdom Emmanuel, our collaborators and more confident as we embrace the future . This is our wealth, but also our values , but we offer our customers a quality product every power and faith. Excellent ideas from culture of excellence , respect for human Quanzhou Xi Nuer Limited is the essence of corporate culture . Create fair competition and but the only example of the system is the core of enterprise development support . The majority of our young people who are willing to provide excellent working environment and to demonstrate their talent , ability and political integrity of people realize the value of life , and jointly promote the greater development of Quanzhou Xi Nuer Limited .


        Integrity, Germany served in person !